FOS: ”I try to find a way forward, which is sometimes difficult since each project comes from a different future”

March 10th, 2020
Written by:
The Mindcraft Project

Artist and designer FOS (Thomas Poulsen). Photo by Paw Gissel.

In a Q&A series, the designers and artists participating in this year’s Milan exhibition by The Mindcraft Project tell us about their process, what they are working on, how they use their favorite tool and generally what they are into right now A warm welcome to Thomas Poulsen, also known as FOS.

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What I do in my studio:
The baker makes bread, the artist makes art
right out of the oven. Bread aside I try to find a way forward, which is sometimes difficult since each project comes from a different future.
It has been interesting to open the practice up, working more clearly in-between art and design. In the future I hope that architecture someday would be part of this, so I end up with the trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

FOS’ studio in Copenhagen. Photo courtesy of FOS.

Essential working tool:
It can’t come as a surprise, that when you’re forcing any material, you need some essential tools.
As I’m working in different areas, it’s difficult to choose a specific hammer, so I would just say my hands are my favourite working tools.

What I work on at the moment:
Now I’m working on making a semi restaurant in Munich, a commission for a hospital and hopefully finishing my second album of a music project called Small White Man.

FOS’ studio in Copenhagen. Photo courtesy of FOS.

Best design experience I had recently:
I think it was Charlotte Perriand at Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris.
As many others I have a soft spot for this early modernism. It’s like the mother of honey, in this show one sees how they made the early vocabulary of form, connecting the outer world and our inner needs. Wonderful since Perriand opens this story again, we have seen it a million times before, but somehow one sees it from the inside out, as a look behind the scenes.
Since we were already connected to Le Corbusier, Leger and Picasso, another benefit of this period, is the female rising.

Favorite material:
Heavy Metals

What I listen to when I work:
Only heavy metal

Next travel destination:
Berlin and home again

3 Things I’m Into Right Now:
I need to do things more physical,
like a physical sculpture
and physical work towards my body.
It’s hard to change habits : )