Studio visit: FOS

October 20th, 2020
Written by:
The Mindcraft Project

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FOS (Thomas Poulsen)
Designer and artist, born 1971 
Education: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1999)
Studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos by David Edwin Zanardi

FOS creates sculptures, installations, objects and performances with the wish to investigate the social traditions, its systems and principals. He explores how our physical surroundings and social relations affects each other. His artistic practice is diverse and moves through many genres and materials. It embraces, in the broadest sense, sculpture, installation, music, architecture, and design. FOS’ work is an ongoing study of how the language of objects and space define us as social beings. Existing in the cross-field between art and craftsmanship, FOS is driven by an interest in how our social relations and physical contexts simultaneously co-exist.